Sewing for Flint

I’ve been doing a lot of sewing recently, mostly project bags. Most are Spoonflower fabric, and all are repeatable.

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I’ve also made some new stitch markers.  The oak leaves are one-offs, but the little green balls glow in the dark, and I have other colors of those that I’ll be making up soon.

All are available (or custom-orderable) at KnitSpinQuilt on Etsy where all money raised through sales in February and March of 2016 are being directed to the Flint Child Health & Development Fund.

Since I last posted about this we’ve raised $317.50!

But – and here’s where I ask your indulgence – sending monetary aid isn’t enough.

Please, if the issue of lead levels as high as 4,000 parts per billion (it’s an emergency at 15 ppb!) scares you, if the idea of an un-elected “emergency manager” poisoning the water supply of an entire town who had no recourse, no way to vote him out of office makes you mad, write your elected officials!  If enough of us make enough noise, we can get Michigan’s government to move faster on this horrifying issue. If you don’t live in MI, you may not be able to write to those senators, but you can write your own and let them know you care and want them to care, too.

I’ve done so.  It’s a small thing, but it’s how our democracy is supposed to work.

In the mean time, however, I’m going to keep making things, donating my time and my stash to something that I truly believe is a national disaster and crisis.  With your help, if you like the things I make and buy them, we can do something small – and possibly something really meaningful – for the people of Flint, MI, who are really hurting.  And you get a nifty handmade gift out of it, too!

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Fundraising for Flint, MI water

All income (not profits: 100% of income) from January and February 2016 will be donated to Water Aid for Flint, MI, via the The Mission of Hope Shelter and Pastor Bobby Jackson, and the GoFundMe setup here:

Help me raise money to provide water to the kids of Flint, MI, where the water has dangerously elevated lead levels.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.50.59 PMScreen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.51.10 PM

KnitSpinQuilt on Etsy.

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TGIFF Christmas Day!

Hello, all, and welcome to KnitSpinQuilt.

Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 2.46.26 PM

My first finish is a DPN/knitting notions roll I made for my mother.  She loves the subway fabric from City Quilter, here in NYC, so I’m always looking for an excuse to make her something out of it.

I’ll be adding more images over the course of the day of hand-woven dishtowels for my sister, and socks for my mother, father, and sister’s boyfriend.  So keep your eyes peeled, and check back often to see not only my updates (I’ll tweet the pictures too) but also to check other people’s linked finishes!

If you haven’t done this before, here’s how to participate in TGIFF:

  • Link up your fantastic finishes here and please — please — visit the links above and below yours (or more!) and comment on other people’s work!  We thrive as a community when we receive feedback on our work.

Sneak peek of projects shared: (click the InLinkz button above to click through and comment on blogs!)

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TGIFF Linky Party This Friday!

Hello, all!  This Friday, December 25 — Christmas Day — I will be sharing some finished projects with you all.

I know it’s a busy day, but perhaps you might want to take a break from your holiday celebrations to share photographs of finished gifts that you’ve had to keep a secret until they were opened!  I’m planning on posting the linky party and then updating it with mid-unwrapping-pictures of presents I’ve woven, knitted, and sewn.

Not familiar with TGIFF?  Click the image below to go learn more about it, or come back on Friday and participate!

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Another baby quilt – this one using up scraps from the Little Prince baby quilt I made last month.


I had extra 5″ squares of yellow and grey, so I decided to make a half-square triangle quilt. I had just enough triangles to put them in two corners, and used scrap grey for the borders.

The backing is the same as the Little Prince quilt – just enough of it left, too!


And I used strips of the backing fabric for the binding – Riley Blake cottons really seem to like being bindings in my hands, so I’m pleased with how it came out:


The stitching is a little awkward – I attached the binding to the front instead of the back, but I’m still pretty pleased with how it came out.

Now to find a baby for it to go live with!

Linking up to TGIFF!


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Knit1Geek2 Swap Package!

I participated in my very first Ravelry swap this fall as part of the Knit1Geek2 podcast group.  I’ll link to my swap package later, when my recipient gets their box, but for now I’ll just squee about the box I got in the mail today!

The guidelines were:

  • Something handmade
  • Something local
  • Something geeky

Man, did my swapper do a great job!

Here are the wrapped packages:


Here’s a closeup of the pin she included, which is knitted and embroidered and just knocks my socks off.  It’s even more beautiful in real life:

Then there are the contents of the packages.  Yarn first:
Wrapped Yarn
The colorway is “Call me WonderWoman”!  It’s Corriedale/nylon sock yarn, and I LOVE it.

Geeky items-wise, this swapper outdid herself.  First up, an Avengers Age of Ultron lunchbox, which held all the other items, individually wrapped.

Then a bunch of little geeky owl bookmarks, delicious chocolate, and T-pins and a Captain America tin of candy to use to hold stitch markers!

I just love the Cap owl:

But best last: the handmade item.  I got a BEAUTIFUL alpaca lace shawl.  Oh my god, the picture does not do this justice.  I am SO DELIGHTED, I had to wear it today.  It is SO LOVELY.  It glitters in the light, and the pattern is just beautiful.

In summary: Thank you, swap partner!  You rock!

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Little Prince Baby Quilt 

A friend from college is having a baby in January, and when I heard that the nursery is going to be Little Prince themed and yellow, grey, and white, I just had to make a quilt.  


This quilt is approximately 40″ x 40″ finished, and is a disappearing nine-patch pattern, which I modified slightly from the tutorials I saw online, and also just sort of eyeballed. I used 5″ squares — the solid greys are charm squares from a Kona charm pack, and the others are from fat quarters.  
I ordered the Little Prince fabric from Spoonflower, and fussy cut the planets out in the center of the squares. I might have arranged them slightly differently if I had been planning better (I don’t like how the two planets are right next to each other) but I’m overall quite pleased.

I used a walking foot and grid-quilted it by freehand-eyeballing the diagonal grid.  It’s not perfect, but this is a baby quilt — it doesn’t need to be 100% even, it needs to be functional, and I think the wobbliness is okay here.


I used the same fabric for the binding and the backing: a Riley Blake wiggly chevron stripe, which I adore.  The corners came out so nicely!

  I think the grid looks pretty nice on the back against the wavy chevron, too!


Overall, this project probably took about 7 hours, start to finish, and was a great way to take a day off.  (I’m working Saturday and a half-day on Sunday this week, so I took Friday for myself and made this.)

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