Another verse, same as the first

I haven’t been making much progress lately — I’ve done eight more blocks for my scrappy trip quilt, for a total of 38 blocks finished, and I made up two more blocks for the INSPIRE circle of do. good stitches, because my first two got lost in the post.


What are you all working on?

About Alisa

I'm a graduate student studying medieval European history. I knit, spin, quilt, and occasionally sew other things. I learned to knit and sew from my grandmother as a child: spinning I picked up on my own thanks to stubbornness and the internet. I have two spinning wheels and one sewing machine, and more knitting needles than I probably really need. My yarn and fiber stash is large enough that I think I'm probably well supplied for the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse.
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One Response to Another verse, same as the first

  1. Ashley says:

    Hi Alisa, Stopping by for WiP, and I love your scrappy trip along. I have got to start one of these – I’m in awe that you’ve done over 30 blocks!

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